Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

End-of-Lease Cleaning

Unless it is specifically noted in the lease contract, end-of-lease cleaning is the responsibility of the renter. Renters are required to return the property to the landlord in a clean and tidy condition, just like they received it before moving in.

However, end-of-lease cleaning can be quite a burden. When moving out as a residential tenant, most renters are focused on the new place and trying to make sure all their stuff gets there in one piece. Once they move in, they become occupied with setting the place up. Cleaning out the old place falls down in the priority list and can be a major inconvenience.

This is where we come in. Cleaning Melbourne Services offers professional end-of-lease cleaning services for residential and commercial renters. Our cleaners will ensure that the property is well swept, dusted and washed to the satisfaction of the landlord, helping you get your deposit back with ease.

Commercial and Residential End-of-Lease Cleaning

Whether you need end-of-lease cleaning for your home, apartment, office building or commercial store you can fully depend on us to provide the best cleaning service in the city of Melbourne.

We provide our end-of-leasing Cleaning Services for the following:

▪ Cleaning of all tiled floors▪ Clean internal vanity cupboards
▪ Clean mirrors and glass surfaces▪ Clean internal medicine cabinets
▪ Clean all tile surfaces▪ Clean all soap holders remove soap scum
▪ Clean all bench tops▪ Clean exhaust fan
▪ Clean all sinks, taps and handles▪ Clean high touch areas
▪ Clean bathtub▪ Clean light fittings where accessible
▪ Clean shower screens▪ Remove dust from skirting boards
▪ Deep scrub and clean of toilet▪ Clean all doors and window frames
▪ Degrease and wipe down all surfaces▪ Clean high touch areas
▪ Clean exteral cupboards/ handles▪ Clean all internal cup boards (including pantry)
▪ Clean all sinks and top▪ Clean all internal drawers – remove all debris/ paper
▪ Full detail of stove top▪ Clean light fittings where accessible
▪ Full detail of exhaust fan/ range hood▪ Clean all door and win dow frames
▪ Full detail of splash backs
▪ Oven cleaned using pro per oven cleaner▪ Degrease and clean grill and grill plates
▪ Internal clean of oven/ grill including glass▪ Wipe down and clean on front of oven
▪ All grease/ grime and evi dence of use is removed

▪ Clean glass surfaces

▪ Mirrored wardrobes – vacuum and clean tracks and frames

▪ Clean all shelves and drawers (all levels)

▪ Remove cobwebs throughout▪ Remove dust from skirting boards
▪ Clean fixtures (switches/doorbell/door handles/locks)▪ Clean light fittings where accessible
▪ Clean high touch areas▪ Clean of vents (air conditioning)
▪ Remove dust and clean ceiling fans▪ Clean all door and window frames
▪ Clean all light switches and electrical outlets▪ Vaccum/ mop flooring (as required)
▪ Remove all dust/ lint▪ Clean light fittings where accessible
▪ Remove lint from exhaust fan (ceiling)▪ Clean all door and win dow frames
▪ Clean tile floors▪ Clean internal cupboards
▪ Clean sink and tubs▪ Clean external cupboards
▪ Remove dust from skirting boards

▪ Clean all doors/ handles
▪ Clean all shelves
▪ Clean all drawers

▪ Wipe down of glass surface and cobwebs removal around accessible areas within reach.

We will do our best to address the items below if booked and added to your clean, however, your results, may vary – it comes with no guarantees:
▪ Wall marks
▪ Carpet stains
▪ Deep stains
▪ Mould removal

▪ Balcony Clean (Balcony railing wiped down, all debris swept from balcony, cobwebs removed from brickwork, sliding door tracks cleaned, floor swept/ mopped, sliding door glass and tracks and frames cleaned)
▪ Fridge Clean – Wipe down of accessible surfaces
▪ Venetian and Shutter Blinds – Wipe down and dusting of Venetian and shutter blinds
▪ Garage Clean – Wipe down, dust and sweeping of all accessible areas
▪ Wall Wash – Wash down and dusting of walls
▪ Steam Clean – Professional steam clean of carpet and other items where applicable.
▪ External Windows – Wipe down of glass surface and cobweb removal around accessible areas.

▪ Cleaning of ceilings , windows and any other surfaces outside of normal reach.
▪ Removal of pet messes and other heavy soiling
▪ Building material removal
▪ Rubbish removal.
▪ Washing dishes.
▪ Lifting heavy items (such as furniture or white goods).
▪ Cleaning or maintenance of outside areas such as patios and gardens.
▪ Any blinds that are not Venetian or Shutters.


Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of residential and commercial cleaning services.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with our cleaning services please contact us. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn’t meet. In case you need a special cleaning service we are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.

Customer Focused Carpet Cleaning Service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Professionals from Cleaning Melbourne Services are trained in their work and give customers a better interaction. This is why we are ranked as the number one steam cleaning service in Melbourne.

  • Deliver high quality and consistent services.
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products.
  • Provide stable jobs with resonable wages.
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer.
Services 1 BED 2 BED 3 BED 4 BED 5 BED 6 BED
1 BATH $150.00 $192.00 $208.00 $224.00 $240.00 $256.00
2 BATH $192.00 $208.00 $224.00 $240.00 $256.00 $272.00
3 BATH $208.00 $224.00 $240.00 $256.00 $272.00 $288.00
4 BATH $224.00 $240.00 $256.00 $272.00 $288.00 $304.00
5 BATH $240.00 $256.00 $272.00 $288.00 $304.00 $320.00
6 BATH $256.00 $272.00 $288.00 $304.00 $320.00 $336.00
Other Services
Services 1 BED 2 BED 3 BED 4 BED 5 BED 6 BED
Carpet Steam Cleaning $55.00 $100.00 $150.00 $195.00 $240.00 $300.00
External Windows $50.00 $100.00 $115.00 $145.00 $170.00 $210.00
Extra Sliding Doors $10.00 per set
Wall Wash $7.5 per wall
BALCONY $15 per balcony